Sunday, 4 January 2015

Better Run!!! [Reissue]
1. Secret Damned Society
2. Set My Devil's Free
3. I Want Out
4. Knocking On My Door
5. Better Run
6. Rule In Self Defense
7. Rescue Me
8. Crucified
9. Trust The Enemy
10. History We Make
11. Nobody's Happy (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
12. Mr. Bad Deal (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
13. Let It Die (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
14. Paper Cut (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

Artist : Ferreira
Country : Brazil
Release : Better Run!!! & Better Run!!! [Reissue]
Year : 2010
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


On BETTER RUN! Marc starts a musical relationship with guitarist, friend based in Finland, Patrick Sebastian. Patrick and Marco were already exchanging demos online. On that exchange, 4 of the songs made to the album. Also a collaboration with GUS who co-wrote and performed the vocals on on song. With ALEX FERREIRA on the drums and B.vocals, GUS MONSANTO on Bass and B. Vocals, PATRICK SEBASTIAN on Guitars and B. Vocals and MARCO FERREIRA on Lead Vocals and Guitars, The band FERREIRA is completed and ready to come out and play. The reissue included is a version of the album with different mix and with bonus tracks.


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