Sunday, 16 October 2016

Artist : Burning Rain
Country : USA
Release : Burning Rain [Reissue]
Year : 1999
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


Burning Rain is a heavy melodic rock band established in 1998 and features guitarist extraordinare Doug Aldrich. Aldrich formed Burning Rain after meeting singer Keith St John through mutual friends and the two set off to compose a debut album to remember! "Burning Rain" released shortly after in 1999. The album was rounded out by Ian Mayo on Bass and Alex Macarovich on Drums. This first record established Burning Rain as a hungry yet seasoned group of musicians. Although the album was limited in its release worldwide it did in fact receive rave reviews by fans and critics alike. Songs like "Smooth Locomotion" and "Cherry Grove" showed a heavy blues influence while songs such as "Making My Heart Beat" and "Cant Turn Your Back On Love" showed a much more melodic side. Throughout the record, it showed an intense vocal performance by Keith St John and blistering guitar work that has become a signature of Aldrich. The record ends with the driving "Seasons Of Autumn" which leaves the listener wanting more. This album is the long out of print reissue of the band's debut album in 1999 which gets a complete remastering and adds 2 bonus tracks.


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