Friday, 14 October 2016

Artist : Europe
Country : Sweden
Release : Europe [Japan Edition]
Year : 1983
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


You're thinking this is the band that made The Final Countdown. In reality few people know that Europe existed before or even beyond The Final Countdown. It's as if they were frozen in time to 1986/87. As the band proves with their first album, Europe (1983), early Europe was much more aggressive and heavier overall going for more of a Metal sound on their debut album (think Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with some Scorpions thrown in it). The band's self-titled album shows a very different Europe, there aren't any keyboards here, Joey Tempest's voice is less forced and more much natural and not overproduced. Plus it's a relentless guitar attack, there are some killer riffs and solos that I think a lot of Metalheads could enjoy. Certainly not the Europe most remember, they were much more successful during The Final Countdown/ Out of This World era during the late 80's. I believe they would have much more credibility among hardcore metal devotees if they continued to release albums like this. It's probably not a "classic" album but I consider it somewhat of gem because it's actually a well-kept secret and tends to be unfairly overlooked. It doesn't have much in common with The Final Countdown except that three band members are the same as that lineup.


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