Friday, 14 October 2016

Artist : Opeth
Country : Sweden
Release : Deliverance [Japan Edition]
Year : 2002
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Another Opeth album, and again the pillars of progressive metal must inevitably quake in terrified awe. Luckily, most will remain safe since Opeth basically remains a niche within a niche. For the esurient progressive music fan not queasy with a hellish vocal, however, it is obvious that they are one of progressive metal's leading bands.
Opeth's latest album continues to their brutal heavy passages with gorgeous acoustic interludes and a protean expanse of other flavors ranging from Scandinavian folk to jazz to 70s prog. Even though this is their sixth album, Mikael Åkerfeldt's bohemian preoccupation with creating progressive music remains as poignant as ever. While _Deliverance_ does call upon familiar elements from past albums, it likewise adds new assets to the Opethian palette -- especially the final song, "By the Pain I See in Others". After all, Opeth is nothing if not surprising.


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