Saturday, 15 October 2016

Artist : Y & T
Country : USA
Release : Yesterday And Today
Year : 1976
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


Y&T is one of the great also-rans in hard rock with a career spanning almost forty years. They peaked briefly in the mid `80's but never recaptured their forward momentum and went into decline by the end of the decade. Fronted by guitarist Dave Menniketi who played a sizzling Les Paul guitar and drummer Leonard Haze, the band was rounded out by Philip Kennemore and second guitarist Joey Alves. When their fortunes did start to dive this venerable lineup was carved up eventually leaving only Menniketi. It's too bad because at the beginning of the `80's Y&T was making their best music but unfortunately it didn't translate into sales and headlining gigs outside of their native San Francisco. Still, respect must be given and their debut from late 1976 shows the promise of what could have made Y&T another Van Halen. Self titled under their original moniker, the LP features several quality early metal songs such as future stage favorites "25 Hours a Day" and "Alcohol". "Games Playing Woman" and "Come on Over" are also terrific and "Beautiful Dreamer" closes the set in fine fashion in what would be a Y&T habit; finishing a record with a slow song (not always successfully). Worth searching out for fans of mid-70's hard rock and for fans of the band's 80's stuff.


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