Sunday, 6 November 2016

Artist : Vanden Plas
Country : Germany
Release : Christ 0 [Reissue]
Year : 2006
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


If you want to do justice to the significance of prog metal act Vanden Plas from Kaiserslautern, it doesn’t really make sense to restrict yourself to their accomplishments in Germany alone. The band surrounding vocalist Andreas Kuntz have succeeded in making a name for themselves on an international level, enjoy almost cult status in France, have been touring all over Europe with established acts like Dream Theater, Savatage and Angra and can point to a number of impressive releases, among them four studio albums, a live cut, an unplugged recording, and several EPs. With their latest offering, Vanden Plas once again emphasise their leading position on the international prog scene, opening an exciting new chapter in their band history. Christ.0 contains nine brand-new prog metal tracks which stand out with their brilliant melodies, exquisite instrumental passages and intelligent arrangements.


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