Sunday, 9 October 2016

Artist : Braveride
Country : Greece
Release : Rise Of The Dragonrider
Year : 2012
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Marios Christakis decide to create a band with a 100 % epic feeling and modern sound, with the serious epic approach of the old epic bands like WARLORD, BATHORY, MANOWAR (first albums) etc. The idea was there, but the name had not been decided.
The thought was for the name to represent power and at the same time to give an epic feeling of action. So, the word "BRAVE" and the word "RIDE" became BRAVERIDE. In the year 2004, the BRAVERIDE project started and after some changes BRAVERIDE became a one man band. This may change in the future. The style of the BRAVERIDE music is epic-power metal with a symphonic approach. The lyrics speak of ancient fantasy battles and of sword and sorcery themes.
With the help of two drummers the “Heroic Deeds” album was recorded. The recordings were done at Mario’s home studio except the drum recordings that were done in a normal studio. The music was composed by Mario who also plays all the instruments except the drums. “Heroic Deeds” doesn’t have a professional sound but it represents the BRAVERIDE music.
After a few months of the self-released “Heroic Deeds” album which has got very good reviews from the magazines and from the people, some new recordings were started in a normal studio with the help of some good musician friends. The new song “Time to March” has been recorded and it is an example of the sound that new songs shall have. In “Time to March”, the music was composed again by Mario and he plays only the guitars and he sings. There is a great collaboration between the session members who help in improving the songs and all things are on the way to the new recordings of the new songs.


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