Saturday, 8 October 2016

Artist : Picture
Country : Netherlands
Release : Diamond Dreamer/Eternal Dark
Year : 2001
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


This is what I call an forgotten band. It's pretty hard to find their records, or people who heard about 'em. Despite this , they're very good! From the early eighties, these are their 3rd and 4th album. Far from being an ordinary band, they sound very distinct. It's pure and true heavy metal. Extremely loud, "in your face" guitars, a real big voice from a powerful vocalist, melodic and heavy at the same time. In my opinion,"Diamond dreamer" is a little better. Begins with the exciting tune "Lady Lightning", followed by "Night Hunter", "Hot lovin" and you feel high voltage waves filling in your brain. There's a very beautiful ballad with tons of blasting guitars called "You're touchin me". An earth shaking tune called "Message from hell", then "You're all alone", "Get me rock'n'roll", "Lousy Lady", and the high rockin' title track. "Eternal Dark" is darker as it suggests, and the guitar sounds heavier on their tones, kind the shadows. I strongly recomend this Cd's for those who aprecciates pure heavy rock, from a time that this kind of music had only on name: Heavy Metal.


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