Saturday, 8 October 2016

1. Old Dogs New Tricks
2. Blood Out Of Stone
3. High On Fire
4. Live By The Sword
5. Now It's Too Late
6. Just Incredible
7. Who Can You Trust
8. Opposites Attract
9. Choosing Your Sign
10. A Better Soul
11. Celtic Cross
12. Never In A Milion Years

Artist : Picture
Country : Netherlands
Release : Old Dogs New Tricks
Year : 2009
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


I got there first two albums as imports and i still listen to them to this day, this was a good comback album from a band i never thought we would see again, its nice to see they still have the drive but as with most legands that have been around more then 30 years ( think saxon, accept, krokus, maiden, priest) these new albums never live up to the music they made some 30 odd years ago, still it is nice to have this cd if you where a fan of the early picture stuff, as you know the first 4 picture albums from 80 to 84 where great but by the mid 80s picture went to poser crap,


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