Thursday, 10 November 2016

Artist : Reo Speedwagon
Country : USA
Release : This Time We Mean It
Year : 1975
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


This is one of the few REO albums that I had never picked up or heard, so decided to give it a try recently. It was the last album of the Mike Murphy years with the band and although an ok effort, is nothing spectacular. The album was executive produced by Bill Szymcyk who is probably best known for his work with The Eagles. The influence shows as the band cover the Henley / Frey composition “Out Of Control” and many of the choruses and song production sound very similar to The Eagles, especially on tracks like “Candalera”. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but comes across a little odd for a Midwestern meat and potatoes rock n roll band. There are a lot of REO albums that I would purchase before this one.


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