Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Artist : Junkyard
Country : USA
Release : Tried And True
Year : 2003
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


In 2003, that great, under-appreciated Los Angeles by-way-of Austin band, known as Junkyard, released a six song e.p. on Heat Slick Records. It features songs by every member of the band, both current & former. "Waste of Time," the title-track, and "Holdin' On" come from their '93 demo-session releases, "Joker" & "XXX." "Old #4" is in the same vein as their classic song "Simple Man," which shows up on this record in acoustic form. But, by far, the best track on this disc and the reason for buying this record has got to be "Fight." It has become one of my favorite Junkyard songs of all time. Chris Gates' dirty & bluesy guitar riffs are gasoline powered & David Roach's vocals are fantastic. And all Junkyard fans know how good Roach's lyrics & word-play can be.


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