Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Artist : Krokus
Country : Switzerland
Release : Heart Attack
Year : 1988
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


Despite the large amount of mixing and the gratuitous use of sound effects, this is a surprisingly good CD. It is clearly the most "pop" that Krokus ever was (and hopefully ever will be).
The remake of Winning Man is a good twist on the original. Bad, Bad Girl is a ballad and probably my least favorite song on here.
Krokus made use of contrast with songs such as "Everybody Rocks" & Speed Up." Both start out rather ambiguously, but come in strong and continue to be throughout.
Axx Attack has a good riff, a good tempo, and is lyrically solid as it speaks against war.
The other tracks talk about the typical 80's rock scene as they get into women and Rock 'n' Roll.
As a long time Krokus fan, it's easy to say that this CD is not entirely who they really are. The cover is even different and the standard written Krokus logo is not the same either.


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